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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Foot pain and insoles

Many times I see a patient here at Zimmermann Podiatry that coes in complaining of foot pain, even after they went and got some insoles from the pharmacy or online. Most of the insoles are around the $45.00 mark or less, but some patients come in with plastic insoles that came straight out of a box and were over $400.00!
Most of the times these over-the-counter insoles seem to do little to improve the foot problems that the patients are experiencing. One reason is that the off the shelf insoles are not made specific to any one person's foot or problem. In a way, they are like reading glasses: they are not specific. The other main issue I see is that the patient is wearing a shoe that is not only not helping them, but is often the culprit and cause of their foot pain. Sometimes the shoe will be falling apart with holes in the sole of the shoe.
To put new insoles in such a bad shoe would be the same as putting new seat in a car that was running on it's rims and expecting the ride to improve.

So, long story short, go get your shoes checked out first before you spend money on any insoles. Most likely your shoes are either worn out or are not right for your feet.

Feel free to come on by if your feet are bothering you!

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