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Monday, August 8, 2016

Is that a wart on my foot?

Patients frequently come to see Zimmermann Podiatry complaining of a wart or multiple warts on their foot. Often times they have treated the wart at home with over the counter acid preparations or even the over the counter freeing spray. As guessed, if they are still coming to see me, their at home treatments did not work out so well. Sometimes the blame can fall on the medication, sometimes it can fall on the patient (for not using the medication properly), and sometimes the problem is that the skin issue is actually not a wart.

A plantar wart is a skin virus. The plantar wart is the variety of wart that shows up on the bottom of the foot. Sometimes they can be a solitary lesion no more than the size of a pinhead and sometimes that can take over the entire bottom of the foot! Treatment of these warts are usually done best by a podiatrist or dermatologist, and the treatments can vary from application of strong acids, debridement (trimming away at the thick skin), prescription topical medications, injections, surgical excision and treatment with specialized lasers. Warts are very stubborn and frequently take several weeks before they clear up.

However, more often than not, it is quite obvious that the skin lesion is not a wart and is instead a very painful callus that has gone quite mad and formed itself into a piece of skin that is as hard as rock and as sharp as a piece of broken glass! Human skin and nails are comprised of with a protein called keratin, the same stuff that makes up a rhinoceros's horn, so it can get very hard. The skin on the bottom of the foot is very thick and has the capability of getting thicker very rapidly. Sometimes these painful calluses can grow into the foot at a depth of more than 3/4 of an inch. Getting them removed is usually painless and gives an immediate relief from pain when getting back on the foot.

Sometimes the skin lesion on the bottom of the foot can be something other than a wart or painful callus. Skin cancers can show up on the feet, just like anywhere else. In times of doubt as to what is growing on your foot, the best option is to biopsy. The biopsy does require a shot which can be painful, but it is a better to be safe than sorry!

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