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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Get your feet right with podiatry and the right shoes!

In the office we see many patients with complaints of severe foot pain, sometimes for years. Many of these patients are at their wits ends and ready to have surgery in order to get back on their feet again. I am no longer surprised to see these patients, almost all of whom are wearing either inexpensive shoes or flip-flops or shoes that are made for a different foot type. Usually I can refer them to a place like Gear for Multi Sport, in Clermont, and the patients get professionally fitted for the right shoes, and voila!!! They are back on their feet again, pain free! So if your feet hurt, go see a podiatrist. You may not need surgery, you might just need professional advice as to what shoes or inserts you might need.

Come in to see Zimmermann Podiatry for all of your foot problems.

Erik Zimmermann, DPM

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