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Monday, February 29, 2016

Minimalist shoes may equal maximum pain! Zimmermann Podiatry Blog

The not so long ago trend of minimalist shoes seems to have for the most part puttered out. For pure aesthetic complaints alone, I could not be happier. Gloves are made for hands, not feet, if you ask me. Sure, if you are planning on going on a canoe expedition that might require that you get out and pull the canoe over a log or an alligator, I can totally see when you would not want to do that while wearing a sweet pair of running shoes or doing it barefooted. But to wear those horrid looking things when you intend to go running? Bad idea.
Some people and finger-shoe salespeople like to mention that people were intended to walk barefoot. I agree, however, people were also not intended to be walking or running on pavement back then either. People also tend to live longer and weigh more than they used to, all of which causes more stress and causes for foot pain. In many studies, the minimalist shoe craze has proven to show an increase in many foot problems, most notably, stress fractures. Stress fractures are painful and can progress into very painful and debilitating foot problems.
The podiatrist's opinion here?
Keep the minimalist shoes to a minimum.

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